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3948 Sunbeam RD Ste 6. Jacksonville, FL 32257 | (904) 733-DISH 
​Skyline Digital Cable, Inc. 
Do you provide cable service?
Yes, in the near future, we will be providing new technology that eliminates the need for every apartment and condominium resident to have individual satellite dishes to receive their cable signal. At this time, we only provide standard cable service for Assisted Living and hospitals.
Skyline also specialized in Jacksonville Home Theater installations
Do you provide phone and internet service?

Do you do other work besides cable and satellite service?
Yes. We do custom installation of high definition flat-panel LCD TV’s, Jacksonville home theater systems such as surround sound systems and speaker installations. We can hook up any electronic component you may have purchased from another company.

What channels do you provide?

Are satellite signals reliable?
Yes, satellite signal is the most advanced technology that provides access to all TV programming. That’s where the cable companies get their signal.

Do you provide local channels?
Yes, local channels are included free with all major channel packages.
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3948 Sunbeam Road Ste 6
Jacksonville, FL  32257
Phone (904) 733-DISH

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